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How to See Someone Else’s Direct Messages on Instagram? The Answer Is Here!

Table Of Contents
  1. 3 Ways to See Someone Else’s DM on Instagram
  2. 2. Using Spy Apps
  3. 3. Social Engineering
  4. How to Protect Your Privacy and Stay Secure on Instagram?
  5. Keep Your Devices Close
  6. Avoid Public Wi-Fi Services
  7. Employ Special Security Features
  8. Cross-Check Your Phone for Spy Apps
  9. Strengthen Your Device Security
  10. Conclusion

Have you ever wondered how to hack Instagram direct messages? Or, have you instead thought it the other way round, whether someone else could hack your account? You probably take this threat for granted, but there are several reasons why you shouldn’t.

For one, if Instagram were a country, its users would make the 12th most populous nation on Earth. That’s massive data in a single community of details sharing and private messaging. There’s a tendency for security-conscious users to be concerned about a potential DM crack on Instagram.

There are several reasons why anyone would want to crack your Instagram DM. You casually share lots of private information with friends or business associates, and hackers feed on information to thrive. For example, market competitors could find out how to hack your Instagram DM to get trade secrets from your internal communication with associates. Even Instagram once alerted users against potential DM hacks on their accounts. 

However, not all hackers mean any harm. Parents could desire to know how to see someone’s direct messages on Instagram to monitor their minors’ social media activities and protect them from predators. Spouses and business associates may also want to keep tabs on their partners and employees for various legitimate reasons.

Regardless of any hacker’s intentions, it’s advisable to be aware of how to hack Instagram direct messages.

3 Ways to See Someone Else’s DM on Instagram

There are 3 well-known ways through which you can access someone’s Instagram DMs. If you don’t go through spy apps, you’ll retrieve privately saved browser passwords. Otherwise, use various social engineering tricks.

  1. Stealing Saved Browser Passwords

Ordinarily, when people operate their social media accounts, they’re likely to save passwords on their browsers. Retrieving saved browser passwords from the target devices isn’t so difficult. You can hack Instagram direct messages by recovering browser passwords in the following few steps.

  1. Open into the target Instagram user’s login webpage.
  2. Guess a few passwords from your acquaintance’s details, such as birthdays or names. 
  3. Use the “forgot password” button if you don’t quite know the person or the trials deflected, 
  4. Input the target Instagram account’s user’s email, phone number, and username in response to identity checks.
  5. Use the target user’s address or mobile device phone number in resetting the passwords. 
  6. Voila! Your hack operation to see someone else’s Instagram DM makes progress.

2. Using Spy Apps

If you’re looking for the most reliable method on how to hack someone’s DM on Instagram, we recommend trying out spy apps. There are spy apps that could access people’s general phone information. Then, some are explicitly for learning how to see someone’s Instagram messages. 

However, to use these apps effectively, you must install them on the target device. At some little lunch-rate cost, these apps could help you fulfill your harmless spying intentions. 

3. Social Engineering

Social engineering involves manipulating people to get sensitive data from them. One social engineering method you could use to learn how to see someone’s DM on Instagram is phishing. But, you have to use phishing if you wish to know how to hack Instagram DM responsibly; it becomes a case of cybercrime.

Phishing involves setting up a counterfeit Instagram login page and referring target accounts there. However, phishing requires that you have some basic knowledge of HTTP and URL creation.

How to Protect Your Privacy and Stay Secure on Instagram?

Instagram Hack

If you’ve followed thus far, it might seem that hacking into another’s device is too easy. There are definite steps, that when taken, heighten your Instagram DMs’ protection from hackers. Here are a few salient tips to prevent someone else from seeing your Instagram direct messages.

Keep Your Devices Close

Rarely, if ever, give your phone to someone else. Someone might readily spy into your DMs directly or install a spy app on your phone.

Avoid Public Wi-Fi Services

By all possible means, desist from using public Wi-Fi services. Using public Wi-Fi networks could expose your phone’s essential details. If at all, you’ll use a free outdoor Internet network, avoid sharing or receiving files online.

Employ Special Security Features

Utilize a special security feature known as the “two-factor authentication step.” Social media accounts like Instagram and WhatsApp have a two-factor authentication step for security purposes. There’s a lower risk of someone else seeing your Instagram direct messages. The security detail combines your password and a second confirmation at once.

Cross-Check Your Phone for Spy Apps

It’s an information age. Your acquaintance could also know how to read someone’s Instagram messages. Protect your phone from Instagram DM cracks by cross-checking your cell phone for any spy apps. There are apps on iOS mobile stores that can prevent your accounts from unverified viewership.

Strengthen Your Device Security

Utilize tacit passwords/screen locks. When your devices are guarded with strong passwords and locks, you have considerable protection from hackers. Tacit screen locks would prevent acquaintances from accessing the device. And using quality passwords for your social media account would prevent potential social engineering attempts.


If you didn’t know how someone else could read your Instagram DMs, now you know. If you’ve also been looking for how to see someone’s Instagram DMs, you could try out any of the methods we’ve reviewed here. However, ensure that you are ethical in your approach. Prevent hackers from seeing your Instagram messages by taking heed of these critical security tips.

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